Accomodation regulations


Guests at the Natur Resort will be accommodated on a voluntary check-in basis. Upon arrival, the guests will present to the accommodation operator (at the reception) an identity document / ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc./the guests are signed in the Book of Accommodation based on the write-off. The accommodation provider is responsible for protecting the personal data of guests. Legal representatives are responsible for their accommodated minors (children). Accommodation in the building is allowed only to persons who do not suffer from an infectious disease. Minors (persons under the age of 18) are not allowed to be accommodated in the separate accommodation at Natur Resort. The accommodation provider (at the reception) will issue a confirmation of providing the accommodation and the payment of the price for the stay to the guest. Services to the extent and quality are provided to the clients specified by Decree no. 419/2001 Coll. on the categorization of accommodation facilities.

Thank you for being responsible!

Accommodated guests are obliged by their behaviour to prevent the danger of damage to the building and its equipment, to prevent fire, and to not waste electricity unnecessarily throughout the accommodation.

When handing over the accommodation facility (apartment, holiday house), the client takes over the inventory of the entire building, responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction of the accommodation facility.

The guest is fully responsible for damages caused to the property and equipment of the accommodation facility at the time of rental.

The owner is not responsible for things, including money and valuables that guests bring to the accommodation and for damage caused to stored items. Please do not leave skis, bicycles, and other objects in front of the accommodation facility or in the car. Guests may not move the interior equipment, make adjustments and any interventions in the electrical or other installation, move dishes and other equipment to another accommodation facility on the premises without the consent of the accommodation operator.

Each accommodation facility is strictly forbidden to use its own electrical appliances except for appliances for normal use (razors, hairdryers, laptops, chargers, etc.).

During the accommodation, before its completion and leaving the building, guests are required to close the water taps, turn off the lights, turn off electrical appliances, extinguish the fire in the indoor and outdoor fireplace, close the windows and lock the doors.

The whole building is strictly forbidden to receive visits and their overnight stays without the consent and informing the accommodation operator (reception).

It is forbidden to leave children under 10 years unattended in the interior and exterior of the building. In the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances, the person with whom the child is registered for the stay is responsible for the child. In the whole building, there is a ban on the use of sports equipment intended for the exterior of the building /balls, tennis rackets, sledges, etc./, a ban on bringing sports equipment into the rooms (except to put them in a suitable place).


Guests can check-in daily from 14:00 until 18:00. If you are interested in a late arrival (after 18:00), please contact the Natur Resort reception in advance. A surcharge for accommodation, local tax, and a refundable deposit of 70€ must be paid on arrival. The refundable deposit must be paid in cash (EUR). Current prices of local tourist tax and additional services can be found in our price list.


We are not happy to see you leave, but on the day of departure, we ask all guests to check out from 07:00 to 10:00. In case of late check-out, please inform the reception of Natur Resort at least one day in advance. Late check-out may be charged according to the current price list.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in all interiors of the accommodation units at the Natur Resort, as well as inside the reception area. At the same time, it is forbidden to start a fire near the accommodation facilities and the Natur Resort area, except for designated areas and fireplaces.

Guests are kindly requested to respect this regulation. If you are used to smoking, please do so outside the resort. In case of non-acceptance of the ban on smoking in the interior of our resort and arbitrary setting of a fire (outside the permitted areas), you may be fined by the resort operator in the amount of 200€.


If you are interested in issuing an invoice for the stay and additional services, please inform the reception of Natur Resort well in advance about your request. After issuing the fiscal document, it is not possible to issue an additional invoice.


In the area of ​​Natur Resort, there is a free unguarded parking lot for all our visitors.


Reception services are available to guests daily from 07:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, they will be happy to help you with any emergency by phone. The reception provides guests with all the information they need to spend a pleasant holiday in the High Tatras. We will be happy to provide you with tips for trips, visits to restaurants and local businesses, as well as souvenirs of various kinds. In addition to souvenirs, guests can buy several additional services at the reception, which are listed in the current price list.

Food facilities

In our resort, guests eat individually and have a fully equipped kitchen available in each accommodation facility. We will be happy to provide you with tips on great restaurants and gastronomic establishments in the area. Our guests can also use the outdoor fireplace, in the resort, for barbecue or barbecue with family and friends.

Pets at Natur Resort

Natur Resort does not allow to stay with pets. Guests are kindly requested to accept this decision. In case of damage to the accommodation facilities Natur Resort (interior, exterior), the accommodation provider reserves the right to impose a fine in the amount of damage.


Natur Resort

+421 904 744 000 / +421 904 744 111

Address and GPS coordinates:

Veľká Lomnica (opposite the golf course), 059 52, Veľká Lomnica

N 49.131146 / E 20.340613


Groceries: Groceries Sintra (1500 meters)
ATM: Tatra Banka – Sintra (1500 meters)
Gas station: Bio-plus (4,000 meters)

We really appreciate that you have chosen our accommodation facility and we believe that we will not disappoint your trust. In case of any questions or ambiguities, please contact the reception or reservation department.

We are looking forward to seeing you and wish you the most beautiful days of rest!