Teambuilding in NATUR resort is a great opportunity to strengthen your corporate team, get to know each other better, and, last but not least, have fun with the people with whom you spend a large part of the working week. You will not only take away from the demanding work pace for a while, but you will also gain new energy, ideas, and experiences.

We will be happy to help you prepare a program for your colleagues. You can diversify your days by hiking and exploring the beauties of the Tatras or visiting the cultural and historical attractions of Spiš. Your days will be more action-packed thanks to various sports and adrenaline activities.

You can relax in the nearby water parks and test your patience on the golf course. A pleasant change can also be riding a bicycle or a horse saddle. You will remember the together-evenings from the “company toaster” for which our outdoor fireplace is perfect.

In the NATUR resort, our visitors eat individually. If you go on a trip somewhere during the day, you will catch up on some great restaurants. Do not hesitate to contact us! We will help you to choose the places which will provide you with gastronomic experience. Gain the knowledge of the region below the Tatras through our accommodation!